The best things cannot be spoken of!

The best place?

Can’t be described!

The best moment?

Cannot be expressed!

The best smile?

Would have no reasons to it!

Unconditional love?

Has no defination!

The best conversation?

Can’t be replicated!

You get me?

The best things cannot be spoken of!


The game of numbers

It’s the game of numbers…

The numbers on the meter reading to be low,

And the time spent with loved ones to be more!

The expected time of arrival to be less,

While the time whaling around to be more!

The number on the weighing scale be less,

The number on the giraffe one to shoot up!

The losses to be minimal,

While the amount being credited high!

The adrenaline level to be high,

While the fatique at its minimum!

O dear it’s all a game of numbers,

Some small some big that we love!