Eyes look for you in the crowd!

Heart rate manifolds when I think about you!

Body turns cold with your gentle touch!

Tongue stammers while talking to you!

Goosebumps even with the mention of your name!

The mind knows the reality…

And the heart refuses to accept it!



When your lips smile and the eyes water!

When you desire sleep and the alarm reminds you of goals!

When you walk towards him and your conscious says no!

When your tastebuds awaken and your belly restrains!

When the heart fears and the mind urges to go on!

When the child in you wants to play and the society reminds of ethics!

When the mind is tired and the heart self heals with time!

When your eyes water and it doesn’t show on your smile!

They would stay!

Fall in love with…

The smell of mud when it rains,

The pleasant breeze,

The dancing trees,

The heavenly rains,

Bubbling hot chocolate,

Brisk walks,

The fragrance of petrol,

The joyful rides,

Stroll with nature,

Because unlike people…

They would stay!

It was dark,

It was difficult,

It was haphazard…

The strongest were shivering…

They were all fighting…

There stood a little boy,

So tiny amidst them all!

He didn’t have the strength,

Nor the ability,

To withstand them all…

But he had an innocent smile,

That could melt hearts

He was an instant hero

And had no clue!

We all grew up!

Somewhere between pinning the handkerchief 

To carrying it in our hands,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between  playing on the swings

To lonely tales on it,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between fighting for the largest bite

To having the entire cake by oneself,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between playing ‘snakes’

To having a variety of options,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between blots of a fountain pen

To scribbling with ball pen,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between learning to use a telephone

To carrying all those wireless gadgets,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between expressing emotions

To successfully hiding them,

We All grew up!

Everytime I…

Everytime I get close to someone,

You teach me to do without them!

Everytime I feel restless,

You give me the strength to face them all!

Everytime I am dying inside,

You teach me to smile externally!

Everytime I fall and fail,

You teach me to rise back myself!

Everytime I expect something,

You show me the colours of the world!

Everytime I count on someone,

You teach me to look into the mirror!