Tiny Tales #13

It’s hard to be believe

How you just easily read eyes!

Everytime I get aloof

You pull me back!


Connecting dots!

The dots helped her sketch…

When she was young!

Little did she know,

Experiences and learning…

Would serve as dots…

And complete a picture called life!

If I could take a selfie

If I could take a selfie…

I’d try and look within,

Analyse the day,

And penetrate deep within!

If I could take a selfie…

I’d understand the situations,

Try and take the positives,

And work on my faults!

If I could take a selfie…

I’d set filters,

To check diverse reactions,

To changing circumstances!

If I could take a selfie…

Life would be a little easy,

As I could then tell,

What the original is!

Eyes look for you in the crowd!

Heart rate manifolds when I think about you!

Body turns cold with your gentle touch!

Tongue stammers while talking to you!

Goosebumps even with the mention of your name!

The mind knows the reality…

And the heart refuses to accept it!