‘I’ am a little being in the universe,
So little that its hard to notice…

For if you ask me a little about myself,
I might say, “that’s a task for me too!”

Wanted to be an astronaut when I was little,
And wander in the open sky…

And then someday wanted to be a lawyer,
Black coat in the court!

Today, maybe am not what I actually wanted to be…
But I am happy, 
Happy in my little world…

And someday I just want to sip a hot cup of coffee,
And stare in the open sky…
Not be bothered by anything around,
Trying to rediscover myself…

All I want to do is…Is

To be a little different,

To be a little weird,

To be a little naughty,

To be a little stupid,

Even if that means not being like the lot…

For ‘I’ want to be just me…

For ‘I’ is both a letter and a word in itself!


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