Thought on thoughts 💭 

Soaked, soaked in a world of thoughts…

They are not one, they are millions…

That originate as a dot and multiply at the speed of the light!

All running and twirling and curling…

Yes these doodles are beautiful to look at,

But they are a mystery to understand and solve…

‘O little thoughts’, please let me rest…

Let me breathe, let me sleep…

Real stories

The smile of my face,

Is a perfect perfect curve!

Not even the smartest,

Will be able to see behind it!

All the emotions that are sunk…

All the thoughts that are brewing…

Constantly popping and dumbling,

Like balls in a basketball court!

No they dont want to open up…

Only because the world will hit you right at your weakest point!

Crazy adorable friend

V have laughed our hearts out

Cried on each other’s shoulder 

Teased each other 

Ragged some friends 

Hogged on delicacies 

Made fun of each other’s peculiar temptations 

Understood the “Chass – being the beer” concept!

Conquered the last bench (haq se!)

Stood by each other in the toughest times

Understood each other’s dreams, when they meant shit to others

Just a smile exchange, exchanged ‘n’ no of jokes

A simple expression was enough to communicate a dozen things

We have been crazy everywhere we went! 

Not even leaving the streets we travelled on!

Because there is none that can tolerate us together! (Time tested!)

Its just 2 old friends, reliving old memories and making a thousand new ones…