Daily Travellers

Excitement shows up on the face

Joy jumps signifying its name

Happiness knows no bounds

Blush makes the cheeks go red

Anger has a wild red tint

Patience calms the heartbeat

Sadness comes out as tears 

Confusion creates a funny face

Surprise makes the pulse go high

Disgust increases worry

Hope encourages to go on

Gratitude preaches appreciation 

Serene is a quite sunset

Cheerful is being bubbly

Confidence can make the world go round 

Admiration is unconditional love

Euphoria makes the heart smile

Contentment gives the best sleep


We all grew up!

Somewhere between pinning the handkerchief 

To carrying it in our hands,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between  playing on the swings

To lonely tales on it,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between fighting for the largest bite

To having the entire cake by oneself,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between playing ‘snakes’

To having a variety of options,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between blots of a fountain pen

To scribbling with ball pen,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between learning to use a telephone

To carrying all those wireless gadgets,

We All grew up!

Somewhere between expressing emotions

To successfully hiding them,

We All grew up!

The Skywalk 

On the Skywalk…

She walked every single day,

The open sky being her only company!

Strong and marching…

Dogging with thoughts,

And connecting the dots!

Detaching from the worldly situations…

Into a whole different world,

She was by herself!

She would heal…

And she would grow,

Trying to rediscover herself!

And as the Skywalk would come to an end…

She was ready to face the world,

Smile being the cover of all her sunk emotions!

Are all intangible assets!

The comfort in your hug…

The warmth in your laps…

The divinity of your touch…

Are all intangible assets!

The vibes that you emit…

The glow of your face…

The love in your anger…

Are all intangible assets!

The innocence in your eyes…

The truth in your words…

The aura around you…

Are all intangible assets!


Just a quite stare in the open sky,

Pondering on the numerous thoughts!

A friend on the side,

And a little game and the drink!

Heavy rains and hot food,

Sound of the thunder and the lightning!

Life changing decisions,

Some serious pondering and loosing within!

To the times you are low,

And want that time for yourself!

Windowsills have seen everything,

Every emotion,

For they are an important part of the house as well as the soul!