If I were a Pillow

Humans name it ‘Pillow Fight’,

But “O! Ouch, I get hurt!”

They hug me tight when they weep,

And tighter when they are happy!

I have seen them sobing,

And conveniently answering “No, am okay!”

Yes, they come to me at the end when they are happy,

Telling me stories of how it all happened!

O, some of them dance with joy holding me,

“Yay, I enjoy being lifted!”

Am not paid for any overtime…

To serve the Sunday syndrome!

Blankets and beds is what compliments me,

Because one without the other is incomplete!


Joy in the little moments 

The seed that gets it roots,

After surviving the dispersal rush..

The welcoming smile on the mother’s face,

After a hard tiring day…

The smell of petrol,

Amidst the honking cars…

The making of cheese burst pizza,

Combined with the heavenly paneer delight…

A hard sweaty brisk walk,

And rewarding it with a Melting brownie…

Open windows and fresh air rushing in,

Dew drops falling one after one…

Hurrying up only to realise you are late,

Still managing to get into the pre decided train…

Tempting street food on the corner,

And managing to get extra freebies…

Happiness isn’t in the big monetary things,

But the little moments that just pass by…

The beach!

Sand castles with stories were built…

Built with the correct precision!

Games were played and stories were made…

All, with the closest of the lot!

Distances were walked upon…

Walked in the company of the breeze!

O, the beach meant something…

Something so dear to the soul!


Just a quite stare in the open sky,

Pondering on the numerous thoughts!

A friend on the side,

And a little game and the drink!

Heavy rains and hot food,

Sound of the thunder and the lightning!

Life changing decisions,

Some serious pondering and loosing within!

To the times you are low,

And want that time for yourself!

Windowsills have seen everything,

Every emotion,

For they are an important part of the house as well as the soul!