Daily Travellers

Excitement shows up on the face

Joy jumps signifying its name

Happiness knows no bounds

Blush makes the cheeks go red

Anger has a wild red tint

Patience calms the heartbeat

Sadness comes out as tears 

Confusion creates a funny face

Surprise makes the pulse go high

Disgust increases worry

Hope encourages to go on

Gratitude preaches appreciation 

Serene is a quite sunset

Cheerful is being bubbly

Confidence can make the world go round 

Admiration is unconditional love

Euphoria makes the heart smile

Contentment gives the best sleep


If I were a drop of water

If I were a drop of water…

I might split into two,

Or get merged into one!

If I were a drop of water…

I’d rest on a leaf,

Or get absorbed by the roots!

If I were a drop of water…

I might get evaporated,

Or submerge into the oceans!

If I were a drop of water…

I might play in a child’s hands,

Or might be used in a science experiment!

If I were a drop of water…

I would be transparent inside out!

The beach!

Sand castles with stories were built…

Built with the correct precision!

Games were played and stories were made…

All, with the closest of the lot!

Distances were walked upon…

Walked in the company of the breeze!

O, the beach meant something…

Something so dear to the soul!

Messy but mesmerizing!

The sand smells heavenly…

The grass gives out warmth…

The breeze hugs you tight…

The ‘chai’ becames mandatory…

The water puddles give out joy…

‘O little rain’, you instantly light up moods,

Give a ray of hope…

Have a dozen memories flowing,

That cherish the little moments…

And aid in creating the new ones!