Tiny Tales#9

Whether it pours…

From the clouds,

Or from the eyes,

It is bound to give a clear view!


The beach!

Sand castles with stories were built…

Built with the correct precision!

Games were played and stories were made…

All, with the closest of the lot!

Distances were walked upon…

Walked in the company of the breeze!

O, the beach meant something…

Something so dear to the soul!


Just a quite stare in the open sky,

Pondering on the numerous thoughts!

A friend on the side,

And a little game and the drink!

Heavy rains and hot food,

Sound of the thunder and the lightning!

Life changing decisions,

Some serious pondering and loosing within!

To the times you are low,

And want that time for yourself!

Windowsills have seen everything,

Every emotion,

For they are an important part of the house as well as the soul!