The little creature 

She did not have to tell him everything,

Neither did he ever ask…

But he sure knew how to put the smile back,

To where it always had to be!

No, they weren’t best friends sharing secrets…

But still there was just nothing that could define them!


Real stories

The smile of my face,

Is a perfect perfect curve!

Not even the smartest,

Will be able to see behind it!

All the emotions that are sunk…

All the thoughts that are brewing…

Constantly popping and dumbling,

Like balls in a basketball court!

No they dont want to open up…

Only because the world will hit you right at your weakest point!

One and only…

She is magical,

She is love,

In her I reside…

Her touch is divine,

Her actions make everything else seem blur,

Her thoughts give direction,

Her anger deserves pondering,

Her love makes everything else petty…

Her care defines unconditional…

She is different,

One in the entire universe…

For she will pull me closer even when i run away,

For she is real, in this unreal world…


The mind screams “A big NO”,

The heart says “Maybe…yes”…

The mind reminds of tuff times,

The heart refreshes the fond memories…

The mind connects dots and understands the plots,

The heart justifies the ‘maybe clean intentions’…

The mind stays strong,

The heart falls in love…

The mind says “you’ll learn a lesson”

The heart says “you’ll have a friend for life”

Only time will prove one of them right!

No matter…

No matter how hard the mind tries,

The heart melts!

No matter how hard you stay strong upfront,

The pillow knows all the deepest secrets!

No matter how wide you smile,

The real emotions lie deep inside!

No matter how deep you love,

Deceits come easy!

No matter how you believe in all those flowerly promises,

Deep down you know it will only reap thorns!