Annoying, but mandatory!

He will fight

He will tease

And never pamper!


He will scold

He will irritate 

And never love!


He will hit

He will annoy

And never care!


That dose of mandatory never ending fights …

That cheers you up!

Just like a bulb does to a lamp!


Little did you know that is a special bond!

For even bitter gourd is better than sugar coated lies!


Look at her, and she is strong!

She can manage things at work and also put her best at home chores!

She will cry to bed but the very next day will bubble with joy among friends!

She will blame herself for everything but on the other side confront someone from a heartbreak!

She will fight with the men of her life, but never let them go!

Deep down subconsciously she believes in the false promises people make but will gather all her broken pieces and bounce back with a smile!

Yes she is a girl, she can handles tons of emotions and still look like nothing’s happened!

Her mind is never blank, hundreds of things running in there! 

And just to mention, thoughts of different wavelength and different feelings all together!

Yes, understanding her is difficult but thats what makes her even more special!