It’s time to choose yourself!

It’s time not to ponder on petty things…

It’s time not to let people affect you…

It’s time you are happy from within…

It’s time you learn to stand up for yourself…

It’s time to wear that smile right and face the world!

It’s time the emotions sink deep within…

It’s time your best friend is you!


Look at her, and she is strong!

She can manage things at work and also put her best at home chores!

She will cry to bed but the very next day will bubble with joy among friends!

She will blame herself for everything but on the other side confront someone from a heartbreak!

She will fight with the men of her life, but never let them go!

Deep down subconsciously she believes in the false promises people make but will gather all her broken pieces and bounce back with a smile!

Yes she is a girl, she can handles tons of emotions and still look like nothing’s happened!

Her mind is never blank, hundreds of things running in there! 

And just to mention, thoughts of different wavelength and different feelings all together!

Yes, understanding her is difficult but thats what makes her even more special!

False good promises

So many memories 

So much laughter

Crying and fighting together 

We will be till the end of time; they say

Little did I know,

All those were false promises 

For no one stays till the end 

For paths change, maybe for better

And amongst all our schedules 

We manage to shed a tear

Smile with teary eyes and miss them!

Unites while parting

Seeing two old friends finally unite, when one of them parted ways!

Parting ways did something no one else could!

Maybe, thats why they say ‘There is something good behind every thing!’

And there in the corner stood those people who secretly wished this happened, wore a smile and left them to themselves!

Little things that make you smile…

Cool breeze and chilling weather

After a tiring day

Makes one smile


A hot cup of coffee

And a friend on the side

Makes one smile


An unexpected hug

From someone who matters

Makes one smile


Old ragged jeans

And an unexpected 100 rupee note inside 

Makes one smile


Waking up on a Saturday morning 

And realising it’s the weekend 

Makes one smile


An unplanned drive

With some girlfriends 

Makes one smile


Shopping under the scorching sun

And successfully bargaining 

Makes one smile


Meeting an old friend unexpectedly 

And Chattering away

Makes one smile


Amidst all the chaos

Having a quiet moment within

Makes one smile


Watching an old couple hold hands

By the side

Makes one smile


You don’t need anything huge, to make you smile!

Crazy adorable friend

V have laughed our hearts out

Cried on each other’s shoulder 

Teased each other 

Ragged some friends 

Hogged on delicacies 

Made fun of each other’s peculiar temptations 

Understood the “Chass – being the beer” concept!

Conquered the last bench (haq se!)

Stood by each other in the toughest times

Understood each other’s dreams, when they meant shit to others

Just a smile exchange, exchanged ‘n’ no of jokes

A simple expression was enough to communicate a dozen things

We have been crazy everywhere we went! 

Not even leaving the streets we travelled on!

Because there is none that can tolerate us together! (Time tested!)

Its just 2 old friends, reliving old memories and making a thousand new ones…