The only permanent…

She will smile widely when you cry, only for once in a lifetime…

When you are born!

She will stay up late, and still never complain…

Only to comfort you and be there for you!

She will suddenly not be hungry, when there is 1 slice of cake less…

Only for you to cherish that piece!

She will never spend a penny for herself only giving the excuse for saving…

But she will never have a second thought while spending for you, even it’s a for a luxury and not a necessary!

She will work the entire day, with no complaints and no demands…

Only to see you comfortably smiling!

She meant our world, while we were little…

Our world expanded as we grew up, a few relations added and a few deleted…

But it’s time to remind her, our world begins and ends at her!

Barbie Little Sister

We’ll fight (sometimes with words, sometimes even physically ๐Ÿ˜œ)

We’ll irritate (till the nerves wreck)

But I still know, she will be there at every odd and for every little errand๐Ÿ˜‰ (mandatory obligation ๐Ÿ˜œ)

We’ll scold (to get things straight)

We’ll thrash (sometimes with evident scars)

But I know, she will not tolerate a word against me!

We’ll criticize (because words of praise are rare)

We’ll gossip (till daylight)

We don’t know each other’s darkest secrets, but I know she will be there…

For she is a saviour in every danger and a care taker in every disaster!

Yes we are different, way different from each other

From likes to dislikes, there’s nothing in common

From having sweet tooth to hogging on spices!

For she could be at a shopping spree; and I’ll prefer to sleep instead!

Yes, we hate each other, but can’t imagine life without her

For we fight with the one, we secretly love the most!